Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oliver's Tech Tips: Efficiency Tips Volume I

Dataccount is always trying to give you added business value. We are starting our technology tips to provide time saving tricks of the trade to the public. Some of the information you may already know some may be new. The one thing we can guarantee is that using these tips will enhance your savvy and efficiency using your computer, no matter what needs to be done. We will be starting off with some of the basics, and use them as a starting point and building blocks towards more complicated and specialized operations. Feel free to contact us for more information or tips if you find these useful. Also, if you want a certain topic or tip to be discussed just drop us a line.

with out further adieu

Oliver's Efficiency Tips Volume I

The Control Key

The two Ctrl keys on your keyboard are used in combination with many other letters to perform certain common operations. The key commands bellow are usable in almost every single windows program you use. These are the ones that I used the most.

Ctrl-C Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl-X Cut selection to clipboard (Cut removes your original selection, copy does not.)
Ctrl-V Paste contents of clipboard at cursor location
Ctrl-PrintScreen Copy a "screenshot" of your entire desktop into the clipboard

Ctrl-A Select everything in the current window

Cursor Move
Ctrl-Home Move to the beginning of the document
Ctrl-End Move to the end of the document

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