Monday, December 21, 2009

Oliver's Tech Tips: Efficiency Tips Volume II

Oliver's Efficiency Tips Volume II

As Dataccount continues to explore the hidden functionality behind base efficiency for Microsoft programs and operating systems we are now divulging the secrets of the Shift Key for uses other than capitalization.

The Shift Key:
The primary Shift key function is known by most everybody, capitalization. However, there are quite a few other shift key combinations that can prove very useful when working in windows. The following key commands bellow are usable in almost every single windows program you use. These are the ones that I use the most:

Shift-Home: Select everything between the cursor and the beginning of the line

Shift-End: Select everything between the cursor and the end of the line

Shift-UpArrow :Select everything between the cursor and one line up

Shift-DownArrow: Select everything between the cursor and one line down

Shift -PageUp: Select everything between the cursor, and one page up from the cursor

Shift -PageUp: Select everything between the cursor, and one page down from the cursor

Shift -Insert: This can be used as an alternative to ctrl+v as a "Paste" function this is especially useful in situations where ctrl+v is not recognized by the program.

Shift - Delete: Alternative to ctrl +x as "Cut" function. Again this can be useful for situations where ctrl+x is not recognized. But use care with this key combination as incorrectly entering it may end with just Delete.

Shift -Ctrl +: this interesting key combination will provide you with the ability to add superscript to the document you are working on.

We welcome any additional hints or uses for these keys that our readers may have. We will gladly publish them to our blog and give credit to the person for the up date. We hope that the tips will save some time in your day. And don't worry we will continue this series into the new year.

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