Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dataccount: Technology as a Competitive Advantage for Business Value

Dataccount leverages technology to better support our core mission: meeting client's business needs. Recently we identified a hi-tech tool that has come down in cost due to improvements in the technology behind it. Dataccount recently installed a new Digital Signal 1 line (DS1), commonly known as a T1 line, for our office. This new dynamic T1 line adds business value to assist in completing our mission. We determined this in the same fashion (ROI) we use to determine what technology may better serve your own core mission. All the positive and negative effects including cost are considered in this calculation to determine when the technology will pay for its’ self. The numbers fit, and we went ahead and acquired this new T1 for ourselves.

What does this mean to you our clients?

First and foremost, we are increasing our direct connection to you. Dataccount has implemented Direct Inward Dial (DID). Callers will no longer have to dial the main office number, followed by an extension, to reach individuals at Dataccount. Each person and department now has a unique number. (We can still be contacted via the main line, phone tree, and extensions.) Additionally, out bound calls from Dataccount will accurately reflect our ID.

For those interested in the technical details: our prior system consisted of two separate DSL internet connections and 6 analogue telephone lines. We replaced POTS telephone lines (analogue) and a static partial T1 data line with a Dynamic DS1(Dynamic T1 line) multiple DID lines, larger bandwidth and more control over the phone system (PBX). The new line integrates with our current CRM and accounting software. We expect these upgrades to pay for themselves through greater efficiencies and improved customer service.

There is a lot of different technology out there. What technology will bring value to your business?

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