Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Convergence 2010 Update

Since our last update we have re certified ourselves as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist for another year!

The team at Dataccount has been hard at work planning our product debut for Convergence 2010 in Atlanta. Organizing. Creating. Innovating.

Our new product stack is the Datagility suite with 5 products.

Datagiity Docs
(GP Email & Document Management)

Datagility Items
(One-point Item Maintenance)

Datagility Allocations
(Allocations GP BE Edition)

Datagility ATP
(Available-to-Promise GP BE Edition)

Datagility Sales
(Fully Configurable On-the-Road & In-The-Office Sales )

For those of you attending Convergence 2010 in Atlanta, we have our booth space finalized Booth:1142

We will update later with some of the project details.

Come back within the week and we promise to have another one of Oliver's Savvy Tech tips available.

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