Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you avoiding … disaster?

The funny thing about accidents is that you never know when they will occur. You can’t do anything to prevent them 100% -- but, you can decrease the damage they do in advance by taking a few simple steps.

First – always work to have a recovery plan at the ready. Without that plan, you have no steps or procedures in place and, often, you will be wasting time and energy going down blind alleys before you hit upon the best course of action.

Second – be sure that you don’t lose data. There is an old saw that ‘knowledge is power,’ and that was never more true than in today’s data-driven environment. Have frequent backups, and make sure your previous day’s backup leaves every night with someone for safe-keeping.

Finally – work with your IT consultant to create a monthly Managed Services Plan. This plan involves fixed-fee consulting, which can be a godsend when disaster and data recovery eats up record man-hours.

Unsure what to do next? Contact us at Dataccount for a free inspection of your systems. Dataccount can work with you to develop an appropriate disaster recovery plan. You owe that level of safety to yourself and your business, so don’t hesitate. Call Brian at Dataccount at 212.595.1044, ext. 105 to set up this free inspection today.

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