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Datagility to Debut at Microsoft Convergence Conference in Atlanta, GA

New York, April 22, 2010 – Dataccount today announced the launch of Datagility, a new product line of add-ons to Dynamics GP that increases functional capabilities while providing flexible entry and viewing screens for easier processing and reduced errors. The product line, which currently has five distinct add-ons, will debut in booth 1142 in the Microsoft Convergence Conference in Atlanta, GA, at the Georgia World Conference Center, April 24-27, 2010. The Dataccount team has long-term experience in developing and implementing cost-effective solutions tailored to Dynamics GP, and is providing the Datagility line of products to generate greater return on investment for GP-users.

The Datagility product line customizes and more finely tunes Dynamics GP to meet business goals. Datagility products include on-the-road and in-office Sales entry (without running a GP application session); enhanced documents management; easy inventory item creation; auto-allocations, and simple available-to-promise.

"We have seen that our clients needed increased business agility … the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the environment," said Russell Frost, Principal, Dataccount. "The Datagility line of products for Dynamics GP enhances sales order processing and distribution management, alleviating many business pain points, while meeting specific challenges, improving productivity and making sales teams more effective.

The Datagility line includes:
- Datagility Sales: an on-the-road and in-office Sales entry software solution (without running a GP application session)
- Datagility Docs: an enhanced documents management suite
- Datagility Items: for easy inventory item creation
- Datagility Allocations: an auto-allocations tool
- Datagility ATP: providing simple available-to-promise

"The Datagility line is a boon to any company that does distribution, has a sales team, or works with inventory," said Andy Tims, Software Development Director. "Datagility Docs can improve business functions in more innovative ways than the standard GP package and Datagility Sales is an essential tool for sales reps on the road."

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