Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Convergence 2010 The Event.

The Dataccount team has just returned from the Microsoft Convergence conference in Atlanta and let me tell you – it was a spectacular event! Nearly 8000 Microsoft customers, resellers and programmers gathered to help harness this powerful technology and find solutions that could fit every customer need.

We met a great many people and did a large number of demos of our Datagility line of products for Dynamics GP. Datagility enhances sales order processing and distribution management, alleviating many business pain points, while meeting specific challenges, improving productivity and making sales teams more effective. Be sure to click on our Datagility link to learn more about our five Datagility offerings.

This was a very successful show – and here are some photos of the Dataccount booth. Ace programmers Andy Timms and Simon Tinkler were on hand to demonstrate these enhancements and we generated a lot of interest. More details to follow.

Right now, we're busy catching up with new (and old) friends met at Convergence, and we appreciated the chance to participant in the overall dialogue, nine general sessions, 400 concurrent general sessions about content, interactive discussions and hands-on labs. It was also a fabulous opportunity to connect with Dynamics GP users and partners.

For us, the key learning of the event was the elasticity and opportunities inherent in Dynamics GP. It's not only a powerful tool for managing finances, but can be effectively deployed with Datagility enhancements to manage allocations, off-site sales, distribution and a host of other uses. These are exciting times for the GP user with more good news to come!

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