Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Microsoft Convergence 2010 Atlanta!

Dataccount is making its debut this April an ISV at the 2010 Microsoft Convergence Conference in Atlanta. This is the largest Dynamics tradeshow of the year, and Dataccount will showcase five new products. Our Dynamics GP enhancements include on-the-road and in-office Sales entry (without running a GP application session), enhanced documents management, easy inventory item creation, auto-allocations and simple available-to-promise.

We have long-term experience developing and implementing cost-effective solutions for Dynamics GP and we have already implemented these solutions for our own clients, leading to significant expense reduction and increased application of resources. These products -- whether used in a group or individually --,have been so successful for our own clients that we are making them available to a wider audience at Convergence 2010.

Dataccount is enthusiastic about its first Convergence appearance. The show will feature cutting edge products in the Dynamics ecosystem available to view, demo, and purchase. We will be present at GP User Groups (GPUG), and business leadership sessions. We are also taking this opportunity to preview Dynamics GP 2010 ( GP version 11) as well as participate in the evolving macro leadership community around Dynamics GP.

The team developing our Dynamics GP enhancements has experience across a broad range of industries, but has unique in-depth knowledge within the distribution industry. This breadth of experience allow them to anticipate, and then circumvent, pain points and bottle necks revolving around tracking and accounting for complex operations in Distribution.

Convergence 2010 is taking place in at the Georgia World Congress Center from April 24 though April 27th. Continue to check our Web site for more information on our products as Convergence draws closer. Come stop by our booth to say hello to our top executives and developers - and ask for a quick product demo!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Holding Your Computer for Ransom!

Scammers have been trying to find a way to illegally separate you from your money on the Internet has been a fact of life since businesses have connected to the Web. There are many types of viruses, Trojans and worms that these cyber criminals use, including ransomware. This is one of the most insidious. Ransomware is a computer malware which holds a computer system, or the data it contains, hostage against its user by demanding a ransom for its restoration.

Ransomware use is on the rise, and the criminals behind it are particularly aggressive and dangerous. Once ransomware gets into your PC, it starts to do several nasty things at once. First, it will either lock out vital start up component, or start encrypting most general files and programs. After this step is complete, ransomware will show its user interface in the innocuous guise of an Anti-Virus software. It will look convincing, complete with system diagnosis tools and its own browser window. The user interface will open and prompt you every time you try to access an infected file. The new 'Anti-Virus" trial on your computer will tell you that you can buy a two year (or lifetime) license for this project to have it 'clean up' the viruses on your computer.

DON'T BE FOOLED! This 'trial Anti-Virus" program is part of the virus itself. While paying this fee, they will temporarily decrypt the files on your computer. And once that it done - you're held hostage, paying again and again and again. The criminals using this racket have made over $150 million from more than 3 million unsuspecting users - and you are only one mouse click away from joining the list.

What can be done to protect you and your business from these cyber criminals? Well, if you have been hit by ransomware, physically disconnect it form the Internet to avoid having your personal information sent back to the criminal. Then, if possible, go to a different computer to search for solutions. BEWARE since the sophistication of these scammers is on the rise, they conduct search engine poisoning to trick the unsuspecting consumer. This involves performing search engine optimization and stealing legitimate organization's logos for use on the scammer's own site. Thus, when googling for their particular piece of malware their site will appear high in search engine rankings, leading you to purchase and download their ransomware again!

To Combat This:
Enter the name of the rogue software on well-known anti-virus Web sites. Many antivirus firms offer free cleaners you can download or place onto a USB drive and run on your infected computer.

Whatever you do, do not pay the ransom. These cyber criminals are not only holding your computer for ransom - they also want your credit card information.

If you think you have been infected or would like to learn more about protecting your vital information, Dataccount can assist with AV advice, software, protection, and fixing infected computers. But the best defense is a being proactive - so, if you ever have doubts about downloading anything from the Internet, you probably should not.

further reading on this can be found at Red Tape Chronicles

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