Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the Dataccount team! We hope that you and your family and friends have a warm, happy and memorable holiday season. We also thank everyone with whom we’ve done business, and we look forward to working with you in 2011.

All our best wishes in your endeavors for the New Year.

The Dataccount Team

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Even the two biggest names in computing are not always secure. What can Dataccount do to protect you from these types of intrusions?

Full Article:

Google and Microsoft have inadvertently infected an unreleased number of computers last week with a new variation of an age-old attack (phishing) combined with a newer form of attack referred to as “drive-by malware.” Just updating your anti virus will protect you from the average virus attack, but what is your Business Continuity Plan in case of disaster? How does it fit into your three-year IT plan?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, how do you know you are fully protected?

Ads served by DoubleClick (Google) and MSN (Microsoft) were distributing drive-by malware last week after attackers were able to trick the networks using a ploy from the phishers' playbook: they masqueraded as a legitimate advertising provider by using a domain name that looked the same as the provider's. is a legitimate company selling ads to various ad networks, including DoubleClick and MSN.—three fs—is not, but it looks close enough to that the networks were tricked. These banner ads attempted to use a range of exploits (two Internet Explorer, one Java, and four Adobe Reader flaws—all which are currently patched), to install the HDD Plus malware. HDD Plus is bogus disk diagnostic software; it warns of impending failures, and says that to avoid trouble you should buy the full version.

Analysis of the attacks suggests
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Datagility Holiday Bonus

Dataccount’s year-end holiday promotion goes into effect today. We have seen a great interest in Datagility, our ISV product line. We wanted to provide an opportunity for VAR resellers to close the year strong with a Datagility product. VARs have found that adding a Datagility solution to a Dyanmics GP package can reduce the total cost of licensing while filling specific functionality gaps.

Whether you are looking to expand inventory and supply chain management capability, manage e-mail and documents more effectively, or want to empower sales teams, our Datagility suite provides value to your customers.

Holiday Bonus #1: We are offering a 50% discount on Datagility Licensing for VARs who used a Datagility product to close a deal in 2010. This 50% discount is good on all deals registered by December 31st and goes to the VAR to use however they wish.

But wait -- you can still take advantage of this holiday offer, even if you haven’t closed a deal in 2010! Any deals registered or closed between now and Dec 31st will also be covered by this special promotion until January 31st 2011*

Dataccount would also like to recognize the hard work done by sales reps across the industry this year. Our second holiday promotion is a thank you for all the people who have been working with us in 2010.

Holiday Bonus #2: We are offering to the VAR sales rep that closes a deal by December 24th a holiday bonus directly to you of 5% of MSRP licensing costs.

And remember, any Datagility deals over 50 seats are eligible for special pricing!

Happy Holidays and a Successful and Healthy New Year from the team at Dataccount!

Contact Dataccount for pricing.

*Offer valid for new Datagility clients/users or second product purchase of Datagility for a client (not valid on additional licensing for same client & product).

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